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Clinic and Tournament                             Red -and Orange -Ball Matchday

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Mission And Vision

MCTennis’s vision is to promote tennis as a sports activity and thereby improve the players’ skills and success. 

As you will see, everyone’s needs are catered for and there are no ‘missing steps’ where players might get lost. It is important to note that our programmes do not only make provision for the top players, but also for those who have only recently started playing tennis.

Each term’s programme is divided up into themes and all our coaches follow the same programme. At times the coach will pay more personal attention to an individual learner who struggles with a certain aspect.

The coaching is primarily focussed on the ‘game-based method’. This means that the player is taught to ‘serve’, ‘rally’ and ‘score’ (according to the Play and Stay motto). The player’s technique and progress are observed as the player plays more matches and improves his/her skills. Play and Stay and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) provide the basis and curriculum by which coaches in South Africa are trained.

The Squads and Junior Club are a vital part of MCTennis, where the players are thoroughly prepared for matches, leagues and their future tennis careers.

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Coaching Venues


  • Lynnwood Tennis Club (Kings Higway road, Lynnwood)
  • Lynnwood Glen Tennis Club (Ilkey street, Lynnwood Glen)
  • L/S Constantiapark (Duvernoy St, Pretoria, 0010)
  • L/S Garsfontein (393 Rina van Zylstraat, Garsfontein)




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